JX4620 Oblique Conical Black Chrome 17 CM

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Solid Metal Oblique Conical Black Chrome Foot

Metal Furniture Leg – Color Black Chrome

17 cm

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Solid Metal Oblique Conical Black Chrome Feet

Metal Furniture Leg Foot – Color Black Chrome

17 cm


Britwood provides range of high quality metal furniture legs for bed, sofa, armchair, stool, chest drawer, cabinet. They are ideal for interior designer, private customer and furniture manufacturers to replace existing legs or order new set.

We promise our furniture legs are manufactured with best technology which make them great quality and aesthetic look. They are very solid and durable for long term usage.

Easy to fit yourself.


Height: 17 CM

Top: 6 CM x 6 CM

Material: Metal

Colour: Black Chrome


If you cart 1 you get 1 leg/foot.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 in


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